I wanted to take a moment today to point to a new project by an awesome artist, Christopher Tupa.  You’ve probably seen Tupa’s work gracing sites like the Retroist, and I know I’ve been a huge fan of his whimsical retro themed illustrations for years after following him on flickr, twitter and via his blog, Tupa’s Treasures.  I was also a fan of his travel journal where he chronicled the experience of traveling with his family up to Astoria, Oregon to take part in the 25th anniversary celebration of the Goonies.  Seriously, Chris is one swell guy and he recently started work on a new comic called Weegi and the Gang

The story is officially launching today as a webcomic, and it looks like it’s going to be a ton of fun featuring a group of 80s-inspired kids.  I can see a bit of the Get Along Gang, The Goonies, and even a dash of G.I. Joe in the designs of the characters!  So if you have a second, hop on over and scope the cover of the comic, visit Chris’s blog, and pick up some of his awesome illustrations (I personally have an amazing Star Wars trick or treating piece that I love.)  Tell him Branded sent ya!