2013 is turning out to be one of the craziest years of my life.  Lots of ups and downs, weird side trips, endings and new beginnings.  Long story short living life like all of us and taking things one day at a time.  Lately that’s meant neglecting the wonderful world wide web, in particular Branded in the 80s, twitter and facebook specifically.  But I think I’ve managed to right the ship enough to get this thing sailing again.  So no, I’m not dead, frozen in carbonite, trapped in the grid, spending time in 1955, flying up into space in a converted amusement part ride car, or sucked into the world of Dungeons and Dragons with a bunch of friends and a precocious red-headed kid with a proclivity for clubbing things and a love of tiny unicorns voiced by Frank Welker.


So, something that I’ve been meaning to write about for the past six months or so is an awesome retro inspired iPad case that was designed and built by a really cool gentleman that goes by the name Dust!  Hailing from Australia, Dust is a child of the 80s who has focused his considerable creative manufacturing and design skills into a series of awe-inspiring retro themed projects, from General Lee scooters to working TMNT T-Phones, to custom Real Ghostbusters dress shirts and custom upholstered pillows.

Real Ghostbusters Shirt small

Pillows small

Dust hooked me up with a seriously awesome retro wood-paneled-TV themed iPad case that’s been getting a lot of use in the house of Branded…

iPad Case 1 Small

One of the things about the iPad that’s really bugged me is that it’s not the easiest thing to use while lying in bed.  Sure, it’s relatively light weight, but to lay down and watch a movie or a couple episodes of Airwolf it can be a real pain to try and keep upright without getting hand or elbow cramps.  I even have one of those newfangled folding magnetic covers, but unless it’s resting on a hard surface it’s pretty useless.  Well, Dust’s TV box case was the perfect solution.  It’s light and wide enough to provide the perfect amount of self-sustaining stability in my lap while lying in bed.  Also, it looks super rad!

iPad Case 2 Small

Constructed from plexiglass and a beautiful custom sticker wrap, the TV box case consists of two components, the outer case and the iPad holder inset…

iPad Case 5 Small

iPad Case 4 Small

The insert is designed to fit very snugly into the case and holds the tablet securely so it’s easy to use while inserted.  The best part?  Now you can store your iPad on a shelf and have it look pretty darn wicked cool when not in use.

iPad Case 3 Small

If you like what you see, do yourself a favor and hit up Dust on Twitter.  He’s a really great guy and he’s producing some really rad stuff that I think the world needs to take a gander at for sure!  Tell him Branded sent ya!