I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but I’ll  just come out and admit it, I like stickers.  A lot.  Spent about 7 years writing about them here at Branded, and I have a pretty sizable collection of vintage stickers.  Okay, it’s stupid big.  I’m okay with that, ’cause like, stickers are rad.  Even if they are just some glue and paper.  I recently made the leap to having some of my own drawings/designs made into stickers for the Cult Film Club (there are totally a few packs left by the by), and was pretty darn happy with that process.

Well, I was recently surprised with a very gracious and super rad gift from the pretty darn cool friend of the site, the Claymation Werewolf.  As he stated in his note to me, what do you get a dude that has like all the stickers?  Well, his answer was a very cool one, custom stickers!

Stickers 1 Small

If there is one thing I don’t have in my life and needed desperately it was a giant prismatic Monster Squad sticker!  Seriously, that sucker went straight onto the cover of my vintage Garbage Pail Kids binder (one of my favorite possessions by the by).  The Madballs, TMNT/Vanilla Ice sticker, and CW’s super cool Villain’s Rock Out business card are all pretty darn neat as well, but the thing that really blew me away was a set of various stickers depicting my drawing of Stripe wearing a Mogwai hoodie!  Not only did he make some die-cit matte and slick stickers, he also included a prismatic one to boot!

Stickers 3 small

Stickers 4 small

Too cool!  All I can say is a million thanks man!  That was way too kind of you and something that’s brightened up my month for sure!  If you aren’t familiar with CW, check out his site, and hit him up on Twitter for some great conversation!

Stickers 2 small