So, if you’ve been following the Garbage Pail Kids countdown this month, or have read Branded for any length of time you’re sure to realize that I love collectable sticker card sets, especially gross, goofy, pop culture or horror themed.  I was super excited about Joe Simko’s Cereal Killers trading and sticker card sets, and was really happy to see Joe and Wax Eye taking this brand into the digital realm with their first mobile app game Cereal Boom!


In the game you can pick one of three different Cereal Killer monster characters (Zomb’a Crunch is free, but to unlock Apple Drac, and the goblin from Eye Pops it costs $1.99 with an in-app purchase.)

Cereal Boom 2

The object is to feed these characters as many brains, apples, or chattering teeth by flicking them into the characters cereal-chomping gullet as quickly as possible. But there are also some gross poisoned edibles that get in the way like worms, eyeballs and bat-winged cereal O’s that you want to either crush with you fingers or flick away. Each character has a series of levels where your target number of edibles increases.

Cereal Boom 5

I found the game super addictive and it was a lot of fun seeing the various Cereal Killer characters brought to life. Every time you clear a level there’s a hilarious cut scene as you watch the monster explode into a milky fountain!  Though the game involves a lot of repetition, there are enough cut scene variations and levels difficulty that I found myself still engrossed in the game after a few hours playing it.

What really pushes this app over the top for me though is the ability to unlock digital versions of a bunch of the Cereal Killers trading cards!

Digital Cards 2

There are 18 cards you can unlock, and I hope there will be future updates that will enable you to unlock even more.  I really like the idea of digital trading card collecting, and I think there’s an untapped market for bringing this to the mobile platform.  Can you imagine texting friends trading cards?  Or trading rare cards with other players via the apple gamecenter leader boards?  I think this could be a really exciting way to broaden the audience of collectors for sure.


Also, the animation for unwrapping the cards was pretty awesome.  But that may just be the love I have for opening fresh packs of trading cards (an admitted addiction I suffer from.)

All in all, I loved the Wax Eye Cereal Killers cards and stickers, and I’m pretty stoked by the game.  It’s a lot of fun and anything that advances the art of card collecting get’s a plus in my book.  You can find the game in the iTunes app store under Cereal Boom, and it’s available for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod touch.  Perfect game for the Halloween season to boot!