We’re up to day 13 of the countdown and today things are going to get buggy with the last of the creature sub-category of the creepy stickers I’m sharing from my Garbage Pail Kids collection…

13 - Buggy Betty

Dipping back into the 1st series for some Brundle Fly action with stickers 39a&b, Buggy Betty and Green Jean, with art by John Pound.  Just so we’re all in agreement, this fly is obviously going to vomit on that garbage, dissolve it into Brundle slop, and then suck it back up right?  I mean Cronenberg doesn’t lie.  I debated a little about including this sister set a big as they’re kind of on the cute side, but I really like the idea of the experiment gone wrong in the various Fly movies, so in the end I kind of had to giver her a slot.  Also, she acts as a nice segues nicely into the next sub-category of mad scientists!

Once again, I’m also helping to organize the annual Countdown to Halloween alongside the tireless and super cool monster kid John Rozum. So if you like what I’m doing over here, you might want to head on over to the Countdown site and check out the huge list of other sites participating in this year’s spooky festivities. There’s also a like-minded sister collective called Blog-O-Ween being put together by my pal Cody, the Crooked Ninja Turtle Sensi. Be sure to check them out as well.

2013 Franken Berry 200