Though there were a few obvious pop culture references in the GPK series from the start, they didn’t start getting super overt until towards the end of the run.  Not that I’m against it, in fact, I’m kind of sad that the following Freddy Kruger homage is the only “branded” horror icon to really show up in the GPK universe…

25 - Claude Flesh

Stickers 617a&b, Claude Flesh and Slasher Asher, made their debut in the final series (15) back in 1988, and was painted by long time artist Tom Bunk.  Not only was this the final series, but these cards were also some of the final in the original numbering scheme (if you haven’t noticed, the number picks up from set to set…)  I really like this card and the art, not just for the Freddy reference (which is rad), but because it’s also simple and straight forward, and in a way a callback to the original series stickers.  I’m also glad that bunk chose a darker palette for the painting, side stepping a super gaudy red and green sweater and sticking with something a lot more moody and atmospheric.

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