Well, we made it though another Halloween season.  I want to personally thank everyone who follow my countdown this year via the site, facebook, instgram, and twitter, and I hope each and every one of you has a monster haul of candy this evening.  Do what you can to avoid Endless Mike and the pumpkin-smashing Hallo-Weenies, compliment Bill Haverchuck on his rad Bionic Woman costume if you see him, and remember to stop by the pumpkin patch and say “hi” to Linus (he needs the encouragement.)

So, to end this countdown of vintage ghoulish Garbage Pail Kids with a bang, here are some very seasonally appropriate sticker cards!  First up, from series four comes 153a&b, Jack O. Lantern and Duncan Pumpkin painted by David Burke!

31 - Jack O Lantern

You have to give props to a kid who can carve their own face so well!  Next up is a gross later entry in the GPK cannon, stickers 438 a&b, Hallie Ween and Trick or Tricia, which hail from series eleven and were painted by Tom Bunk!

31 - Part 2

Alright folks, everyone have a safe and awesome Halloween!

Once again, I’m also helping to organize the annual Countdown to Halloween alongside the tireless and super cool monster kid John Rozum. So if you like what I’m doing over here, you might want to head on over to the Countdown site and check out the huge list of other sites participating in this year’s spooky festivities. There’s also a like-minded sister collective called Blog-O-Ween being put together by my pal Cody, the Crooked Ninja Turtle Sensi. Be sure to check them out as well.

2013 Yummy Mummy 200