10710926_10152738966882328_5146327273773526587_nFor part 5 of the Monster Squad art showcase I thought it would be fun to share a couple of really cool group shots.  First up is this neat illustration by Jacob Chabot featuring the heroes.  Love Jacob’s style and I’ve love to see his take on a Monster Squad animated series…

Jacob Chabot Monster SquadNext is the great monster kid illustrator Tom Krohne with his rad take on the monster rogues gallery!


Now for today’s trading card!

Monster Squad Wrapper

Since there was never any MS merchandise produced, specifically a Topps trading card set, I thought it would be fun to make a mini set of 80s-style digital trading cards for my favorite movie of all time. So come back each evening for Trick or Treats and collect them all!

Today’s card is #31, Detective Sapir!

Additional Fun Fact! Sapir’s name comes from one of Monster Squad co-writer Shane Black’s writing heroes, Richard Sapir who co-wrote the Destroyer pulp novels

31 Detective Sapir F-B