So, changing things up just a bit for day 13 of the Countdown to Halloween I thought it would be fun to share a set of the four Halloween-y Trend scratch-n-sniff stickers from the early 80s.  Though I know there were more Trend brand Halloween stickers than these four, I’m most familiar with these and can distinctly remember getting them on homework papers from elementary school.

trend witch

The scents on these stickers is all over the map from normal to weird.  For instance, the witch sticker above smelled like licorice, while the description on the skeletons below was bone (though it smells more like musk.)

trend Skeleton

These Trend ghosts are probably the best smelling of the bunch as they are coconut scented…

trend ghost

The Swooper bat below is described as cave-scented, but it really smells like a campfire.

trend bat

Swing back by tomorrow for another round of vintage Halloween stickers and remember to check out the Countdown to Halloween for a ton of other sites participating in this marathon of macabre all October long!