Welcome back to the Peel Here & Scream, the 2015 Branded Countdown to Halloween.  Well, sooner or later it had to happen.  Lisa Frank had to grace this site.  I’ll be honest, as sticker crazy as I was as a kid, it led me to breaking through the gender barrier when it came to falling in love with a lot of the more girl-oriented properties and brands (Strawberry Shortcake and Jem spring to mind.)  That being said, I just never got into Lisa Frank.  I was aware of all of the stickers, school supplies and clothes, but it fell way outside of the Venn diagram that made up my interests.  But as I said, being a guy who loves to collect and share a massive amount of vintage stickers, sooner or later I had to pick up some Lisa Frank stuff.  Running across these vintage Halloween stickers was the breaking point…

lisa frank

I’m not positive when these stickers were released, but if I had to guess I’d pinpoint it somewhere between 1987-1989.  First things first, Halloween dolphin with.  This sheet of stickers is covered in Halloween dolphin witches.  That is just…I mean…I’m not sure exactly what to say about it.  It’s like two nightmares merging, Ecco the Dolphin meets ridiculously colorful girly Lisa Frank.  It’s amazing.  That’s not even to discount the trick-or-treating surfer dude ghost duck.  There are just so many layers of WTF awesome on these sheet of stickers.

Aldo, this was perfectly weird timing as I noticed while I was finishing this piece that my good bud Ben over at just posted a bunch more of the Lisa Frank Halloween stickers from his vintage sticker collection!  Holy synchronicity Batman!

I’m not sure I can top this sheet, but swing back by tomorrow to see what I have to share next, and as always, be sure to check out the Countdown to Halloween website to find a list of a plethora of other sites also celebrating the month of October with blog-a-thons.