Well, we’re right at the halfway point for this year’s Countdown to Halloween and I have to say that I’ve been having a blast.  In the interest of total disclosure, when the season was approaching I didn’t have a concrete idea for what I wanted to do for this year’s countdown because I’ve been so busy with work that I just didn’t have time to brainstorm anything ideas.  I’m always picking up vintage stickers to add to the collection though and while flipping through them I realized that I had enough to fill 31 days worth of sharing.  At first I thought it was going to be kind of boring, but as I’ve been taking a closer look at these stickers I’ve been falling in love with each sheet all over again and am now glad that I pulled the Peel Here column out of semi-retirement for this month’s festivities.

DBGCI 1981

These stickers were released by the Drawing Board Greeting Cards Incorporated company back in 1981 and I think that the illustrations really define that early 80s aesthetic of loose, quick, disposable merchandising of the era.  This is the kind of style you saw a lot in magazines like Dynamite and Hotdog, or on the various Scholastic book club sticker sheets.  It has a lot of character and my guess is that these were all glorified doodles which is awesome because there is usually a lot of goofy energy captured in that style of brain-dump drawing.  I love the beast in particular!

If you’re enjoying this countdown, swing back by tomorrow for some more sticker fun, and check out the Countdown to Halloween main site for a huge list of blogs that are also hip deep in their own spooky marathons.