Welcome back to day 20 of the Branded in the 80s, Peel Here & Scream Countdown to Halloween (*pant*pant*).  Man, that’s a mouthful.  Well, we’re less than two weeks away from the big day, but there’s still plenty of time to carve your pumpkins and work on your costumes for this season’s festivities.  Me?  I am super stoked and looking forward to my second year of handing out candy in a real neighborhood setting.  It’s an experience that had eluded me for my first 36 years, but now that I’m living in a nice subdivision in the burbs I’m taking full advantage of being the coolest house on the block with the best candy.  Kids that hit up my house that have made their own costume?  Full size candy bar and some fun size bars for good measure.  Kids dressed as Ninja Turtles?  A heaping handful of funsize bars.  Last kid of the night?  Gets whatever is left in the bowl (last year it was almost a full bag of mixed candy.  The secret hidden prize?  If any kid comes up to my door in a hand-me-down Ben Cooper costume that once belonged to their parents?  That kids gets two full-size candy bars, and $20.  I know this last one is a seriously outside bet, but there is a family in this neighborhood that has a kid tearing up the streets in a vintage CHiPs big wheel, so there is a chance…

Anyway, onto today’s stickers which are a little bit of a mystery for me.  I’m not sure what company originally released these, or what year (though I can pretty easily peg them to the mid to late 80s based on the illustration style alone.)


I love the MAD magazine style of the illustrator (who I can only identify by the last name, Giulivo.)  I also really dig that the overall sheet is one large scene with the individual characters as removable stickers.  That is a very late 80s development in sticker sheets for sure.  Could you imagine getting the Skeleton sticker on a test as a kid, and then like a week later getting the connecting Mummy sticker on your homework and then realizing that there was a connection between the two?  Mind blowing for a 2nd grader…

Swing back by tomorrow for more 80s Halloween-y sticker fun, and remember to check out the Countdown to Halloween for a metric ton of other sites participating in the month-long festivities of the season.