So the themes for the past few weeks of League assignments have been pretty broad, and this week is no exception.  Brian opened the theme of this week up to the League members and by popular demand the assignment is all about Pirates!

By and large pirates don’t hold a huge fascination for me, though there are a few exceptions.  Of course I adore the Princess Bride and the ravishing Dread Pirate Roberts.  I enjoy the story of Peter Pan, particularly the 90s era Fox Kids incarnation, but I’m also partial to the classic Disney version as well (especially the Disney World dark ride.)  Speaking of Disney World, I have some intense nostalgia for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in the park.  I have distinct memories of riding and re-riding that adventure with my family, listening to my dad goofily and loudly singing along with the music (generally making an ass out of himself and embarrassing us all, but that’s what dads are for I suppose), and running into the shop after being discharged from the boat looking for treasure (which always came in the form of the cool wooden pistols and rifles they sold.)

There are a few other pop culture pirates that stand out in my memory.  The insanity of the Berserkers from the Thundercats cartoon…

I also spent a decent amount of time watching the animated adventures of the Pirates of Dark Water after school in the 90s…

But if I had to sum up my nostalgic love for the timber shiverers, it would have to be the second series Garbage Pail Kids cards, 61 a&b, Jolly ROGER and Pegleg PETER (painted by the amazing John Pound back in 1985…)


I typically have the various imagery from the GPK sets bouncing around in my head and when I thought of pirates, this was the first and most striking image to come to mind.

So, what about you?  What’s your favorite pirate-themed memory or nostalgia?  Also, if you enjoyed reading about these pirates, why not check out some of the other League members thoughts on the subject…

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