We’re all the way up to day 10 of the countdown, and one-third of the way though the month of October already.  It seems like the days take forever to pass during September, but once we hit October it just flies by.  Anyway, today I present another Filmation Ghostbusters animation cel, another featuring one of Prime Evil’s main henchmen, the robot ghost Scared Stiff!

Scared Stiff is basically the evil ghost equivalent of C3-P0 from Star Wars, though just as bumbling, harmless and ready to fall apart at the seams during times of stress.  His place is more for comic relief in the series, but as a kid I still enjoyed watching him, especially when he was “destroyed” by the other villains in the show.

So come back each day this month for a new monster animation cel, and also, for more Halloween-y fun all month long, be sure to check out the Countdown to Halloween website for the complete list of sites participating in this year’s spooky fun.  John Rozum has been working hard compiling the list, and it looks like there is a lot of awesome sites already signed up.