The Nerd Lunch crew were gracious enough to invite me back on their show recently.  For the first time I was not only a guest, but also filling in for an unfortunately absent Jeeg, so I joined CT, Paxton and the special 4th chair for this episode, Mark Dury.  The topic is Expanded Universes in TV and Movies, what we liked, didn’t, and what properties we thought could use a little expansion.  Of course we had to talk about Star Trek and Star Wars, but we also got into a lot of other interesting topics including ALF, the Matrix, Highlander, The Shadow, Buckaroo Banzai, and other fun stuff.  So if you wanna hear me speak to the importance of seeing what ALF’s life was like on Melmac, head on over to the Nerd Lunch site, or heck, you can download the episode from iTunes, or even directly right here!