For this week’s spotlight we’re going to get a glimpse at one heck of a wonderfully strange kid

Strange Kids Club is the brainchild of Rondal Scott III, and is a mecca for all sorts of cool, obscure wonderment from nostalgia and art, to animation and the outright bizarre.  In the photo above we get a chance to see club member number 1, Strange Kid, with the weirdest of the postcards that I had to send (featuring a picture that looks a lot like Shredder is proposing to Krang.)

So if you get a chance, head on over to the clubhouse and take a look around.  I’m positive there will be something to entice you.

Oh and Rondal is also spearheading his first SKC comic anthology with a great roster of artists, and one heck of an amazing cover by Brent Endstrom!  Click on the artwork above and snag yourself a copy!