A quick aside from this week’s McDonald’s shenanigans to make a call out to all independent artists and writers out there who are interested in helping out the Up! Fair.  In order to cover our operating costs, we’ll be auctioning off artwork from guests and co-organizers of the event.  If you’d like to donate a piece of original artwork for the auction, you can send it here:

Cricket Press

PO Box 21952

Lexington, KY  40522-1952

No need to frame the piece or prepare it in any way.  Just send it in sturdy packaging with your name and website info clearly indicated so we can credit you as a supporter of the show.  The piece can be anything you wish; a piece of brand-new artwork that promotes our theme of independence, or a page from a comics or illustration project you’ve worked on in the past.  We only ask that the piece not feature any characters from any established publishers.  The artwork will be auctioned off on the Up! Fair website.  Deadline for donations is November 1st, 2010.

We’re also looking for your independently published works! 

You can help us demonstrate the wonderfully diverse world of entertainment in self-publishing by donating a copy or two of your own work.  We’re accepting any independently published comics, mini-comics, or prose books to be distributed to the guests of the event as well as the general public.  You can send any donated books to the address above.

All material supporters of the event will get a mention on our “Friends of the Up! Fair” page along with our undying gratitude.  So don’t forget to include your website information!

And thanks in advance for your support of the Up! Fair!