Well, we’re entering the top 10 of the creepiest monsters on this 31 Days of Monsters Halloween countdown!  In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Ghostbusters franchise, not to mention my love of 80s animation, I’m counting down 31 of my favorite monsters from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  These animation cels are culled from my personal collection, and my wife and I tried our best to put them in a not-so-scary to really-freaking-creepy kind of order with the creepiest falling on All Hallows Eve.

It’s day twenty two, and I have to say this is a crazy monster.  I’ve got the feeling that this is an alien, what with all the tentacles and that dome-like shape to his noggin (I haven’t had a chance to watch this episode yet if you can’t already tell…)

The aspect that really creeps me out is the sideways slit of the bottom portion on his mouth.  It’s sort of like the mouth on the Predator, only with more protruding teeth/fangs.  Again, like back on day seven with the Devil, I’m really enjoying the use of aqua blue and orange.  As opposite colors go they tend to remind of me of sports team logos, but I think it works well in this floating tentacled monstrosity.  I also think it’s a hoot that he’s chucking bowling balls (I’m assuming) at the Ghostbusters.   On top of all this is his general squid-ness, which I always respond to in monsters.  Seems like a perfect time to show off the awesome commission my wife had Mark Rudolph draw for me this past summer…

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