I just wanted to take a second and point to the super rad new online literary magazine called Monkey Goggles (an offshoot of the schizo-kitsch store Archie McPhee.)   For one there’s a lot of swell content up like the trials and tribulations of a corporate wolf man (by David Wahl), Close Encounters with Penn Jillette (by Geoff Carter), the Do’s & Don’ts of Eponymous Album titles (by Kirk Demarais of the Secret Fun Blog), as well as the heartfelt confessions of a former fast food employee (by Shel Carrigan of the Surfing Pizza.)

Secondly, I have an article/essay up today that centers around my high school era obsession with absurdist Spam humor (the pork product, not that junk mail.)  There’s a lot of passion over there and it can be blinding, so do yourself a favor and pull on some imaginary Monkey Goggles, if not just to read my piece than to check out some great stories and essays by the other talented folk.  You’ll thank yourself in the morning.