…and now for something slightly different though still G.I. Joe related (and heaps shorter than my long winded Cartoon Commentary! posts…)   I remember when I was in the middle of a vintage sticker buying frenzy a couple years ago, I was always looking for a copy of this sticker sheet as it represented my interest in G.I. Joe a little bit better than the stickers I had managed to acquire.  This sheet was released in 1986, and though it’s not marked on the sheet, I have to assume it was part of a Hallmark sticker pack.

Though looking back as an adult, I can say that I love all the aspects about the Real American Hero franchise from the 80s, at the time my true love was for the later waves of more distinctive figures.  Sure, characters like Grunt, Short Fuze, Rock ‘n Roll, and Steeler were cool, but in my 10 year-old eyes Quick Kick, Shipwreck, Dial Tone, Sci-Fi, and Lifeline put ’em to shame.  I was more interested in the crazy maroon get-up of the Crimson Guard than the stock Cobra Trooper, and I’m sure it didn’t hurt that the cartoon was phasing these characters in at the time.

I feel kind of lucky with these Joe sticker sheets as both this one, and the one I posted awhile back, came from the collections of close friends.   It’s another level of nostalgic fun.  Anyway, come back tomorrow for some more G.I. Joe fun with another installment of Cartoon Commentary!