Well, my wish came true thanks to the great folks at Shout Factory!  It looks like the complete G.I. Joe the Real American Hero cartoon is now coming to DVD.  The first set is slated for release on July 21st, and is now up for pre-order on Amazon for only 26.99.  Also, according the hardworking folks at TV Shows on DVD.com, it looks like the complete series will be on DVD before the end of the summer (as well as the complete Transformers.)  This is great news for G.I. Joe cartoon fans because the previous Rhino releases only contained the first three quarters of the series before they lost the rights to distribute the show…

Since my wish came to pass last time, I’d just like to throw out another call to Shout Factory! about some other Sunbow properties that are most likely also held by Hasbro now, namely Jem and the Visionaries.  Granted there aren’t mainstream summer blockbuster movies to help bolster the merchandising engines for these shows, but it sure would be swell to finally get a hold of some decently priced DVD releases, and in the case of the Visionaries, any US DVD releases at all.  So here’s me keeping my fingers crossed that the Transformers and G.I. Joe DVDs sell a crap load of units this summer…