**Update** Apparently the release date for the single season 1 volume has been pushed back two months. Ug.

Jeez, I sure haven’t been active this past couple weeks.  Sigh, the holiday season is smacking me in the face with its good will and cheer I guess.  I probably won’t have much time to post for the next week or so as I’ll be leaving town to visit family.  I did want to throw up this quick post though (and just in time for holiday shopping fun!)

Back a few months ago, Time Life announced that they were going to release a complete series set for the Real Ghostbusters cartoon.  On the one hand it was pretty cool that this show was finally going to get some love on DVD, but on the other it was announced as a Time Life online exclusive, which just pissed me off.  Basically it was forcing fans of the show to make a large 5-season purchase (retailing at about $175) for a 20 year-old cartoon series.  That’s one heck of a dent in the pocketbook, at least for mine that is.  Though I’m a completist when it comes to collecting 80s cartoons on DVD, I like to have the option to buy bits at a time.  Besides, what if I’m not interested in later seasons, when it converts to Slimer & the Real Ghostbusters?  Anyway, I bitched about it earlier in the year and there’s no use in rehashing that.  What I recently found out was that there is going to be a single season release through normal retailers, at least for the 1st season, which is slated to come out from Time Life on January 27th, 2009!  It’s priced at a decent $40, but you can currently pre-order it on Amazon for only $27.  Now that is what I’m talking about!

The only question I have now is whether or not TL will be releasing the remaining seasons individually, or if this is simply bait to pick up the complete series set?  Either way, I will be busting some ghosts in about two months, and that’s all I really care about right now.

Also, in new 80s cartoon on DVD news, I also just recently discovered that a couple of shows have recently seen new releases.  The very odd 80s cartoon Drak Pack was released in Canada recently, which is good news for us Region 1 Drak Pack fans.  If you’ve never seen it, the show revolves around the exploits of three teenagers who are descendants of Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and the Wolfman, who fight crime, ala Scooby Doo (it was a Hanna Barbera show after all.)  Though they are typically three normal teens, they can transform into monstrous versions of their classic monster ancestors by doing a group high five and shouting Whack-O!  Honestly the show itself is pretty wacko, but in a good way. the show borrows a lot from its predecessor the Groovie Goolies, but honestly it’s not like there is a glut of monster themed cartoons.  Anyway, you can either order the show from Amazon Canada, or get it from a retailer new/imported, also on amazon for pretty much the same price (about $30 US.)

I also noticed that the Pound Puppies movie is available on DVD (and has been for a couple years.)

Anyway, hope to be back posting soon.