What’s this?!?  Another Branded in the 80s podcast?  Well, no, not exactly (though I love using the above header…)  I recently took some time out to record a show with my wife and Jerzy Drozd (of MLaT Comics, Art & Story Podcast, and Sugary Serials editor and creator) about the upcoming Wizard World Chicgo appearance we’re all going to make.  Basically we dig into the expectations, hopes, and fears we’re going to have at the show as well as some thoughts on what it’s like being an attendee versus being an exhibitor.  So if you are interested in hearing the soothing sounds of my voice (sarcasm folks) or are interested in listening to us chat about comic conventions, go on over to Sugary Serials and give it a listen (or click the picture below, it’s episode 17 of the Saturday Supercast.)

You can also right click and download the show from this link.

I also pop up on this past Monday’s Art & Story Alive, episode 18 (the sister podcast to Art & Story geared more towards furthering the conversation of the craft of comics art as well as encouraging listener participation), though only for a bit.  The topic was long form comics, how they work online, how to approach character and world construction and how they differ from short form comics (mainly strips, but also single issues and such.)  We also get into the concept of using photo reference to different degrees and whether this counts as cheating art-wise (if you’re curious on my opinion on this topic, I wrote about my struggles with it back in 2006.)  You can get the episode by right clicking and downloading it here.

Lastly, and also on the podcast news front, Branded in the 80s was discussed on episode 105 of the Paunch Stevenson ShowGreg and Rob take a little bit of time talking about the TV Guide and Peel Here columns as well as getting lost in my backwards site navigation a bit (just kidding guys, though I totally see your point on needing a "Next Page" navigation link at the bottom of the blogplane.)  You can get to the episode here.