Well, if anyone is wondering why the posts have slowed down so much lately, there is a reason, and it’s far from something bad.  In fact, it’s pretty cool, but I don’t want to spill the beans completely until I have more solid confirmation (though I haven’t been keeping it all that secret…)  Regardless, I thought I’d take a second and throw up a quick edition of Peel Here to keep the fires stoked and burning around here.

This week I’m going to share my last two sets of Colorforms Lazer Blazers hologram stickers that I have in my collection. First up I have one of my Holy Grail items in my quest to find vintage stickers, the 1983 Dungeons & Dragons LB set.  I was pretty hot to get these because they have proven to be the hardest to find, and they do occasionally pop up on eBay, the most expensive Lazer Blazers by far.  I’ve been in two furious bidding wars, and both times the other guy was willing to pay far more than I could or would, so I sort of stooped to a kind of low to get these.  Actually, I never really purchased the stickers themselves, but instead, I contacted one of the sellers who listed them, and I offered to pay for a decent sized scan instead.  Not one of my finer moments, but I feel justified in that I now at least have them to share…


Like most of the D&D merchandising in the 80s, these have nothing to do with the Saturday morning cartoon, and everything to do with a the actual role playing game (though a couple of these characters do make an appearance in the show.)  I’ve talked about him before, but I had a weird crush on the Warduke character (who is in the package art as well as on the bottom left sticker) as a kid as I had the toy and I always thought he looked pretty darn evil.

Up next we have one of the three more girl-oriented Lazer Blazer sets, the 1983 Barbie stickers…


For once, the prismatic rainbow color effect of the hologram technology is put to an almost perfect use.

Besides these two packages (and the nine I put up in past columns), I know of at least four more sets and a binder that were produced between 1983 and 1985.  There was a My Little Pony set, which also probably looked pretty good in holo-colors, a Beastman themed Masters of the Universe set, a set of generic (non-branded) unicorns, and a set of rainbows.  Though I’ve already posted these, here are the rest of the ones in my collection, so that in the future I can refer to this one Lazer Blazers post.  Enjoy!