Again, I suck. If it’s not lightening frying my modem, it’s work getting stupid busy and taking up all my blogging time. Sigh. I did take part in a round table discussion on Christmas memories last night with Jerzy Drozd and Hoover on the Saturday Supercast podcast. We talked about all things gift related as well as going on many fine tributaries (which I do have to admit that I am a fan of tributaries.) You can find the podcast here (it’s number eleven.).

So for Peel Here this week I’m going to throw up some more quick stickers, Shirt Tales stickers to be exact. I chose these because we talked a little about them on the podcast last night. I watched a decent amount of the show growing up, but I was almost completely oblivious to the fact that they originated as a series of Hallmark cards, stickers, and trinkets. I think there were also a series of stuffed animals as well. Anyway, here are a couple of sticker sheets to peruseā€¦

So I’m a little in the dark here, what is the deal with the little tags hanging off all of their shirts?

Hopefully I’ll be getting back on track with a more semi-daily posting schedule soon.