I’m taking part in recording a new episode of the Saturday Supercast podcast tonight at 7 p.m. EST, and you are all invited! Join myself, HooveR, and Jerzy Drozd as we discuss some of the best X-mas mornings of our respective youths. This episode is designed for any reader (of Branded in the 80s or of the Sugary Serials comics) to attend, with no cartoon geek card required.

What was the best X-mas present you ever received as a kid? What was the lousiest?

It’s easier than ever to participate. Here’s how you do it:

Option 1Call in via phone:

Dial: (724) 444-7444
Enter: 38795 # (Talkcast ID)
Enter: 1 # or your PIN (No worries if you don’t have a PIN. Just hit 1 and the # key to enter immediately.)
Regular phone charges apply, though! So if you don’t have free long distance/minutes after 7 p.m., please stand warned.

Option 2Call in on your computer:

Become a Talkshoe Memeber if you aren’t already.
Download the Talkshoe Live Client.
Go to the Saturday Supercast Talkshoe page and click the "Join Now" button at 7 p.m. or after. Once you’ve launched the Talkshoe Live client, click the "Shoe Phone" link to dial in and talk on the show. You will need a mic and headphones to participate this way. However, you can instead use the Talkshoe Live client to listen live and participate in a chat room. We will respond to any thoughts and questions posted there. So you don’t have to "go on the air" to participate.

I know it’s on short notice, but I hope to see some of you there.