Well, seeing as how the wonderfully spooky, ghoulish, costumed, candy-addled, holiday season is practically upon us (well at least the month before festivities), I thought I’d break out my creepier, monster-themed sticker fare for Peel Here.

So as a sort of shortened intro post this week I present a sheet of Build Your Own Monster stickers which was released by Hallmark in 1984…

Though these monsters aren’t really creepy, there,s enough arms, legs, torsos, and heads for three fun Muppet-esque monsters, or one heck of a three-headed, six-armed, six-legged creature (with two limb-less torsos left over for mood and setting.) I know I would have put the latter together as a kid.

Next week, the spookiness starts proper with some very fun Universal Monsters stickers.