For our wedding, my wife and I decided to defer an actual wedding, and instead we asked all out friends and family to chip in on a trip to the 2008 San Diego Comic Con as we both want to go and it’s freaking expensive. Well, I was checking on news from this year’s con, and I saw this on the Wizard Magazine siteā€¦

There are apparently tons more 25th anniversary G.I. Joe figures yet to come beyond the 14 or so already hitting shelves. If they’re planning on doing figures like Airtight and Alley Viper, then they might release, I don’t know, like the entire original run of figures. Jezz, if I was worried about going broke before, I might as well just set aside the 2008 trip money now and just write Hasbro a check or something. Hasbro lists all of these new figures as custom, so I’m not sure if these are just for fun, or serving to give fans an idea of what’s coming. There’s also an un-painted Firefly and Zartan, as well as a pretty nifty Beach Head up on the Wizard site. Crimeny!

Yo Joe also has a bunch of photos up as well.