It’s funny how things change over time. When I first started Branded in the 80’s I wasn’t sure how often I would post or what exactly, so I began to use drawings I’ve done to liven up the entries. Well over time I sort of stopped doing that, and because I’ve been spending the majority of my free time on this site, I haven’t even really drawn much in awhile so I haven’t even really had anything new to share.

Well I received a commission a couple of months ago from a lady at work to interpret a poem of into some black and white line work. Though it wasn’t quite in the realm of what I typically draw my inspiration from, I think I did an okay job on it. If nothing else it let me stretch my drawing hand out a bit from the normal monsters and odd disturbing imagery…

This was also a first for me in terms of actually being compensated for my one of my commissioned drawings. I haven’t really put myself out in terms of freelancing or anything more than as a hobby (I am well aware of my limitations), but on occasion I’ve taken the odd job, ever with the promise of payment, though so far, never with any type of follow through on the promise. Well I was more than adequately compensated for this drawing, enough so that I felt like I should put in a few extra hours by laying down some color on the line work. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I don’t do well with physical coloring (like pencils or paint) and prefer a more cartoon-y or comic book-y look to my drawings so I typically use Photoshop to get a cel animation look to the color. Here’s the outcome for the above line work.

Anyway, just felt like posting this as an aside to the normal 80’s junk I go on about.