We’ve reached the home stretch of the Month of Scratch & Sniffs stickers with this, the first of two Peel Here columns for this week. Up first is the last string of Trend scratch & sniffs that I managed to get my greedy hands on. Once again, nothing too crazy here, unless you consider the smell of cake as esoteric. So lets get into it shall we… Cinnamon Bun

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Ice Cream

Fried Chicken

Oh man, though I’m sure this is a pretty gross scratch & sniff, the idea of fried chicken scented anything just gets my juices flowing. Man, there should so be a KFC branded fried chicken air freshener or something.

Carmel Apple

Bubble Gum







So as an extra little bonus, I present some of the other brands of scratch & sniff stickers that I managed to procure. There are two brands here, Mello Smello and 3M. The Mello Smellos are the larger die-cut stickers on top, while the 3M stickers are the two at the bottom. Both of these varieties apparently were either sold off rolls or were printed up for the scratch and sniff novice as they have the instructions printed up right on the stickers. Now I’m pretty sure I had a variety of the 3M SnSs, one that looked like a very realistic slice of pizza, sort of like the pickle sticker below.  So what exactly does a martini smell like?

So, later this week I’m going to have a second column up, made possible by some reader/listener supplied sticker scans as well as a few acquisitions I made for the collection. So until till then, huff some stickers if you’ve got ’em.