I just wanted to take a minute and share this awesome cover art for the upcoming She-Ra Princess of Power Season 1, Volume 2 DVD set.

I love how menacing Hordak, Catra and Shadow Weaver look here. The only thing I find kind of odd about this box art, which I don’t have a picture of yet, but if it follows the pattern the He-Man sets did, is that She-Ra will most likely adorn the spine of the set. Hordak was on the spine of the first set whereas She-Ra was front and center on the cover. You think they would have matched the spine to the cover since most people will be displaying these with the spine showing. It’s just kind of weird to have She-Ra after Hordak on the shelf. Stupid nit pick, but oh well.

Does anyone else wonder why Hordak wears those silly robotic duck boots?