So while I was fixing the "dropped podcasts by iTunes" fiasco I noticed a couple of other older posts that had typos and needed updating and stuff.   One of which, this post about 80s and 90s cartoons available on DVD, was just screaming for an update.

Instead of listing them all here and trying to get all the links embedded and stuff I’ll instead redirect you to a few of my listmania lists that should do the job for me.  I love listmania lists, but only when the people making them have half a brain and know what it is they are making lists about.  It’s kind of tiresome to click on list after list that is either in desperate need of an update or is just plain off topic (like a list of 80s cartoons with like recent X-Men shows or Family Guy on it.)  I think I’ve done a pretty good job (this is where the previous rant bites me in the ass when someone else reads my lists and hates them), but I’ve been known to be an idiot and oblivious to this fact.  So if you know of anything that needs to be on these lists or something that seems off, let me know (but don’t tell me about Rainbow Brite, M.A.S.K., or the Silverhawks DVD’s currently listed on Amazon, they’re all bootlegs.)

So in case you were wondering what is available on DVD 80s & 90s cartoon-wise, here you go.

The Great List of Cartoons Vol. 1

The Great List of Cartoons Vol. 2

The Great List of Cartoons Vol. 3

The Great List of Cartoons Vol. 4

The Great List of Cartoons Vol. 5