It’s been a crazy day here in the house of Branded. There were blog entries to write, scary movies to watch, last minute trips to find discount swag, trick or treating preparations, and much, much face painting.

Right now my head hurts from the amount of stuff we did today (not to mention the scrubbing off of said face paint), but I wanted to get one more post up tonight. My last official post for Halloween will be mostly pictorial in nature, and it’s all about the pumpkins. We bought two this year, a nice bright orange one with a pretty wicked chunk of vine still attached, and a white one because we’ve never strayed from the classic orange. So without further ado, I give you our pumpkins. Have a Happy Halloween everyone.

P.S. I got my first ever trick or treat-er as an adult and it was a freaking teenage kid wearing regular clothes and a hanky tied around his mouth like a gangster want-a-be. Oh well. Thems the breaks.