Can you pick me out of this motley crew? I hated my first grade teacher. She used to confiscate all of my Star Wars figures and she never gave them back. Not even when my mom went down and had a conference with her.

I don’t remember much about this class except that I had a huge crush on the girl in the second row on the left. Man oh man. And what about that kid in the last row third from the right? Holy crap! Future serial killer or what. I kid, I kid.

Actually this does bring back a kind of disturbing memory. Timmie’s (the kid in the first row with the beaming smile, third from the left) mom used to baby-sit me every once in awhile and one of the times I was over there I cut my finger. To this day I can’t stand the sight of my own blood and I went crying to her for help. Well she took one look at my finger and told me to suck off the blood before she put a band-aid on it, and I vehemently refused at which she sighed and did it for me. Gro-SSSSSSS!