Holy freaking crap! So as far as 80’s cartoon on DVD news goes, this is a whopper. Disney has announced that they are going to release the Gummi Bears on DVD November 14th. This was one of my favorite shows and I’m so glad that I’ll finally be able to own it. What’s better is that Disney is trying something interesting by releasing the first three seasons, 47 episodes in total (well actually it’s 30 episodes with about half of them being two 12 minute mini episodes combined, so Disney is counting the half episodes as full ones), on the one set, for the price of only a single season set, $34.99! It won’t, but I would love to see that become a trend in the cartoon on DVD department, in particular for older shows that most people aren’t willing to fork over a bundle for (ahem, cough, Jem, cough, MSRP $60, cough).

To add to the news, Disney has also announced the second season of DuckTales for release on the same day and price, and even though it’s only going to have half the episodes that the Gummi Bears release will have, it will contain the five-part pilot movie. That’s great news, as they’re my favorite episodes of the series and they weren’t included on the 1st season set.

Disney has been doing awesome after a late start in the TV on DVD market, what with these, The Muppet Show, and the upcoming releases of The Tick, Darkwing Duck, and Talespin. My only hope is that they will also think about releasing season sets of the 90’s X-Men show, which I think is the last of the Disney owned properties that I’ve been waiting for on DVD.

All of this news comes from TVShowsonDVD.com, which has an awesome set-up for getting e-mail updates on DVD news and releases.