So will the wonders of forgotten nostalgia ever cease? I sure hope not. Every time I stumble upon something I have fond memories of from my childhood it’s like getting a central nervous system zap much like that of a defibrillator. One of the things I’ve really been digging on lately is out of print record blogs and in particular ones with a 70’s and 80’s childhood nostalgia bent. So far I’ve found a few: Check the Cool Wax, Bubblegum Fink, XYZ Cosmonaut, and now Way Out Junk.

Well while perusing Way Out Junk I came across something I hadn’t thought about in almost 20 years, Slim Goodbody. Holy heck on a cross. I had an immediate ecstatic yet slightly repulsive reaction as I recalled the many times I saw this skinny dude dancing around in his skintight “body? suit with all the exposed organs, bones, muscles, and veins. It was the veins that always got to me. Something about all those red and blue lines running down the guy’s arms and chest that always made me feel like I was just on the brink of dying.

I don’t remember where I first saw Mr. Goodbody, but a quick scan of his Wiki entry confirms that it was probably on Nickelodeon. You know, between Senior Goodbody prancing around singing about your organs, and Timer doing the two shuffle tap to eating a hunka, a slab, a slice, a chunka cheese, god knows why I am so food and health woozy.

So take a gander over at Way Out Junk and give Mr. Goodbody’s album a listen, and you may just puke from disgust, or reel in a cosmic state of nostalgia happiness. And if this dude is completely up your naked exposed body alley, check out his official site where you can buy many overpriced videos and DVD’s on the human insides, and possibly even a memoir on wearing them on the outside. While Dancing for kids. On public TV. And getting paid for it. Crazy.