I was so excited on Sunday.  Me and the woman were going to go out and have some lame fun at our local put put golf place, Pirate’s Cove.  I was all set to take a zillion pictures and just have a lame (as the place is in disrepair) fun (as it’s all on a giant pirate ship so who cares if it’s falling apart.)  We bought our 36 holes of golf, picked out our balls and clubs, took some pictures of the clubhouse and all it’s pirate themed glory and then … my camera battery died.  Fuck Crap Shit.  We hadn’t even started the first hole and there would now be no record of the event, and in turn no article here.  We stood in the sweltering afternoon heat and had to decide whether to cut our losses, beg for a refund, or stall while one of us went home to recharge the battery.  In the end, I had to beg an 18 year old girl in pirate garb to please just transfer these games to a gift card (which they do have) since they don’t do refunds.  We lied and said that there was an emergency, that we got a call on our non-existant cell phone, that we absolutely had to go and that we desperately wanted to come back to finish our game.

She gave us vouchers in the end, but I felt like a dweeb.  If it hadn’t been 20 dollars (an knowing that it’s a good five years between visits to this lovely establishment) I probably would have just played and said to hell with it, but damn it I wanted pictures.

I feel so dumb.