So this is the first of two possible mascot ideas that I’m fleshing out. He doesn’t have a name yet, though for sake of ease I’ll refer to him as clumpy. Like I said, I wanted the mascot to involve a weird food nostalgia memory and though I could think of a few (for a later podcast probably) only about eight were easily doodle-able. Of the eight, only four stood out as fun and of those only two that seemed relatively easy to draw dynamically. I really liked the idea of a burnt Cheez-It, but you can pretty much only draw them from one angle.

So I now present to you Clumpy, the wad of cheesy snack finger dust (think Cheetos.) This is the first doodle I did to try and get the concept down.

Well, I decided that he could be drawn from many angles and was kind of fun to draw, so I fleshed him out a bit, going with a more Jabba the Hut/Fraggle Rock Garbage Heap/Snuffleupagus kind of look. I threw some quick photoshop colors on him to get the concept down.

I was sort of happy with that and I kind of have a back story figured out, so I went ahead and tried to get some of his personality out in the following drawing. Here is a bigger version.

I’m pretty happy with his design though I think it can use some more work. I’ll update tomorrow with the second mascot possibility!