Holy crap.  If you get a second (or actually just over 20 minutes) mosey on over to scifi channel.com and watch The Amazing Screw-On Head.  This is the best translation of Mike Mignola’s work to the screen ever, and it’s really funny to boot.

The show was created by Patton Oswald and the dude who created Wonderfalls.  It’s got voice work by David Hyde Pierce (as the best zombie ever) and Paul Giamotti (or that American Splendor/Lady in the Water guy).  The plot is like a mish mash of the Tick cartoon mixed with a healthy dose of the Adventures of Briscoe County Jr.  Right now scifi channel is taking a survey to see if fans want this on the air and even though I don’t have cable, I want it on TV so that I can buy the DVD later.  So go watch and vote.