So it’s been a freaking full week in the house of Branded.  Between the water problems, buying a car spur of the moment, and our dog being sick it’s been one stress after another.  Hopefully I’ll be able to catch my breath this week.  Anyway, I plan on hitting another podcast this weekend (most likely the afore mentioned LJS review, plus some sweet news on the 80’s cartoon DVD front.)  I think I might just throw order to the wind and do two, because on the one hand I have more to talk about than LJS, and on the other I just don’t want these to be longer than a sitcom.  I surely don’t have half the talent of the likes of Bronson Pinchot (Balki from Perfect Strangers for you non-TGIF newbs), so why should I ask more than 22 minutes of your time when Balki can piss of Cousin Larry by getting them involved in a sticky plot, help to come up with a zany soultion, say at least ten weird things about life on Mepos, and then top it all off with the dance of joy in under that amount of time.

If I’m not a sitcom in terms of time per interesting segments, I’m surely no 44 minute crime drama either, so I’m gonna try and keep ’em under 20 if possible, and hopefully just more often than once a month.