While I’m working on my Capri-Sun article/whatever, I thought I’d share a quick memory of another food item I remember from my childhood, Charles Chips.  Before I had my first bag of microwave popcorn, before I had my first Cool Ranch Dorittos, before Cheetos and all those other fried salty snacks, I remember Charles Chips.

Now you can still get them in most grocery stores, but it’s just not the same, because when I remember getting them, they came in cans and were delivered right to our door, like milk used to be in my parent’s childhood, and ice was in my grand parents’.  Of course my memory would be for a fattening salty fried snack, not something healthy, but that’s all part of the branding of the 80’s.

I don’t remember if a Charles Chip was any better than a Lays or a Golden Flake, but have to hope it was considering it couldn’t have cheap to have it delivered to the house.  My friend Kevin and I are going to attempt to relive our potato chip memories by picking up some for an upcoming movie night.  Hell I might even pop for ordering some off the website, to try and relive the whole delivery part of the nostalgia, though getting a tin from UPS in a no doubt heavily damaged box that probably only contains bags of the chips, that I could buy in the store, stuck in the tin just isn’t quite the same.