Well, I missed a day.  In honor of missing a day posting I’ll talk about a flick I missed in its first run and on DVD, Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Oh my freaking god.  I love missing flicks like this because it reassures me that there is a buttload of cool stuff out there to be discovered that probably didn’t come to a multiplex near me.

This popped up at the perfect time too, because I’ve been slowly getting into Glam rock and I’ve been researching Punk.  So between listening to the T. Rex catalog and reading Please Kill Me: the Oral History of Punk, Hedwig was a super snazzy fit, film-wise. 

John Cameron Mitchell (the director/co-writer, star) is a beautiful man, if I were bent that way, and Stephen Trask (co-writer/song writer) ain’t that shabby himself when he’s not in modern goth make-up.  I was afraid when I rented it that it would be too much of a ripoff of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but it couldn’t be further from that.  In fact, the soundtrack (and the movie itself) is probably one of the best examples of a concept album I’ve ever heard.  I love Ween’s The Mollusk and Pink Floyd is pretty cool (though slow going in the “getting into them” department), but Hedwig hit me dead on.  I’m not gay or trans-curious, but it still is amazingly relatable, and super-fun to watch even if you don’t relate to it.

It’ll most definitely be the next record and DVD I buy.