No nostalgia today.  It’s been a long hard week at work (I’m counting half of last week because I’ve been covering for someone basically pulling a double shift, except instead of 16 hour days, I’m still only allowed to work 8, which just seems to make it double hard (so hard in fact that I write really long run-on sentences like this one.)

I basically feel exactly like the picture to the right (or above, I never know how this will format) just a screaming monster human who only sees red.  Yeah, that’s very rage-y.  I swear, coming into work feels like going into battle, with one problem after another hitting me like on-coming waves of enemy soldiers and I solve them by beating them to death with my bare hands.  How’s that for anger in simile form.

But the ray of sunshine that is brightening my life right now is that today is the last day of this for at least a month.  So hooray for me, yeah me, school is good, SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!  (okay, so there is a bit of nostalgia here…)