Recently the Alamo Drafthouse held a reunion screening of The Monster Squad that Fred Dekker, the director of the film, attended. Well he commented on the lack of impact online petitions have on movie studios (same with e-mail.) He instead suggested resorting to snail mail as a means to an end. It makes sense, seeing that taking the time to handwrite a letter and pay for postage is a lot more motivated than clicking a link and typing your name.

So I urge anyone who has any love for The Monster Squad write to Viacom to get this flick on DVD.  The address is:


Mr. Sumner M. Redstone


1515 Broadway

New York, NY  10036


I’ve already started a letter writing campaign, like the dork that I am.  My goal is to write a letter a day for the next few months or until my hand falls off.  I’m on letter #5 (weekends don’t count.)