Here is a list of all of the 80s cartoons available on DVD in the US to date (updated 3/3/2010.)  Basically I’m putting this together for two reasons.  One, to keep a nice list of what’s out there, and to provide a portal with which readers of this site can help support the Branded in the 80s project.  All of these images link to the title’s respective product page, and a percentage of all purchases made via these links will go to supporting the site.  Win, win.

Some of these sets may not seem like they really fit here, but there is a reason.  Take the Punky Brewster sets for example; all fours volumes of the sitcom contain episodes from the short lived cartoon series (It’s Punky Brewster) as well.  Also I’ve gone ahead and included some stuff from the 70s because it was in syndication when I was growing up (and thus felt much like they belonged in the decade) and anything that is out of print (like the Rhino releases of G.I. Joe, Transformers, Jem, and the Inhumanoids) just to keep the list as comprehensive as possible.  I’ll be updating this as soon as anything is available via Amazon (or elsewhere for that matter), as well as replacing the out of print listings with any new ones that might pop up on the horizon.  I’ve also decided to throw on some kids shows like The Electric Company, Sesame Street, the Muppets, and Fraggle Rock because they fit in the same vein of programing.

I’m certainly not the end all authority on whats out there on DVD; this list is purely based on my own research.  If you see anything that you feel should be included, drop me an e-mail (using the contact link to the left.)  Again, if you wish to help support the site and want to pick up some fun cartoons while you’re at it, please use the below list as a portal to Amazon.  Thanks.
























































If you see anything that you feel should be included, drop me an e-mail (using the contact link to the left.)

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