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Here is a list of all of the 80s cartoons available on DVD in the US to date (updated 10/25/2014.)  Basically I’m putting this together for two reasons.  One, to keep a nice list of what’s out there, and two, to provide a portal with which readers of this site can help support the Branded in the 80s project.  All of these images link to the title’s respective Amazon.com product page, and a percentage of all purchases made via these links will go to supporting the site.  Win, win.

Some of these sets may not seem like they really fit here, but there is a reason.  Take the Punky Brewster sets for example; all four volumes of the sitcom contain episodes from the short lived cartoon series (It’s Punky Brewster) as well.  Also I’ve gone ahead and included some stuff from the 70s because it was in syndication when I was growing up (and thus felt much like they belonged in the decade.)

I’m certainly not the end all authority on whats out there on DVD; this list is purely based on my own research.  If you see anything that you feel should be included, drop me an e-mail (using the contact link to the right.)  Again, if you wish to help support the site and want to pick up some fun cartoons while you’re at it, please use the below list as a portal to Amazon.  Thanks!

80s Animated Television Series

13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo  Alf Best Of  Alf Tales  Beetlejuice Complete

Bettlejuice 1  Bettlejuice 2  Bettlejuice Halloween Special  Beverly Hills Teens 1.1

Beverly Hills Teens 1.2  Bill And Ted Best Of  Blackstar  Bravestarr Complete

Captain Caveman  Captain N  Centurions  Challenge of the Go Bots Mini

ChallengeOfTheGobots_TheSeriesV1  Chip Dale Rescue Rangers 1.1  Chip Dale Rescue Rangers 1.2  Chuck Norris Karate Komandos

COPS 1.1  COPS 1.2  Count Duckula  Danger Mouse Complete

Danger Mouse 1  Danger Mouse 2  Danger Mouse 3  Danger Mouse 4

Defenders of the Earth  Dennis the Menace 1.1  Dennis the Menace 1.2  Denver the Last Dinosaur Complete

Dragons Lair  Drak Pack  Droids  Ewoks

Ducktales 1  Ducktales 2  Ducktales 3  Ducktales Treasure of the Lost Lamp

Dukes  Dungeons and Dragons  Filmation Ghostbusters 1  Filmation Ghostbusters 2

Flintstome Kids Best Of  Fraggle Rock  G.I. Joe Movie  G.I. Joe Complete

G.I. Joe 1.1  G.I. Joe 1.2  G.I. Joe 1.3  G.I. Joe 2

G.I. Joe Series 2.1  G.I. Joe Series 2.2  Galaxy Rangers 1.1  Galaxy Rangers 1.2

Galazy High  Garbage Pail Kids  Garfield Specials  Garfield Holiday Specials

Garfield and Friends 1  Garfield and Friends 2  Garfield and Friends 3  Garfield and Friends 4

Garfield and Friends 5  Get Along Gang  Gilligans Planet  Gummi Bears

Heathcliff 1.1  Heathcliff 1.2  He-Man 1.1  He-Man 1.2

He-Man Christmas  Hero High  Inhumanoids 1.1  Inhumanoids 1.2

Inspector Gadget 1.1  Inspector Gadget 1.2  Inspector Gadget 1.3  Inspector Gadget 2

Inspector Gadget Complete  Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors 1.1  Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors 1.2  Jem Complete

Jem 1  Jem 2  Jem 3  Laff-a-lympics

Legend of Zelda  Littles  Lone Ranger and Zorro 1.1  Lone Ranger and Zorro 1.2

Mask Complete  Mighty Mouse  Mr. T  My Little Pony Complete

My Pet Monster  Mysterious Cities of Gold  New Adventures of He-Man 1  New Adventures of He-Man 2

Pac-Man 1   Pac-Man 2    Plastic Man    Pole Position

Punky Brewster 1  Punky Brewster 2  Punky Brewster 3  Punky Brewster 4

Rambo 1    Rambo 2    Rambo 3    Rambo 4  Rambo 5  Rambo 6    Real Ghostbusters Complete

Real Ghostbusters 1  Real Ghostbusters 2  Real Ghostbusters 3  Pound Puppies

Richie Rich  Robotech 1  Robotech 2  Robotech 3

Saber Rider  Saturday Morning 80s  Scooby-Doo Dynomutt  She-Ra Complete

She-Ra 1  She-Ra 3  She-Ra 2  Shirt Tales

Silverhawks 1.1  Silverhawks 1.2  Smurfs 1  Smurfs 2

Smurfs 3  Smurfs 4  Smurfs 5  Smurfs 6

Smurfs 7  Smurfs 8  smurfs 9  Snorks 1

Space Sentinels  Starcom  Strawberry Shortcake  Super Mario Bros 1

Super Mario Bros 2  Super Mario Bros 3  Super Mario Bros 4  Superman

Teddy Ruxpin 1  Teddy Ruxpin 2    Teddy Ruxpin 3  The Little Prince

Thundarr  Thundercats 1.1  Thundercats 1.2  Thundercats 2.2

thundercatsseas2vol1art1  TMNT Complete       TMNT 1

TMNT 2.1  TMNT 2.2  TMNT 2.3  TMNT 2.4



Transformers Complete  Transformers Movie    Transformers 1   Transformers 2.1

Transformers 2.2  Transformers 3  Transformers Headmasters  Ulysses 31

Voltron 1  Voltron 2   Voltron 3  Voltron 4

Voltron 5  Voltron Vehicle 3  Voltron Vehicle 2  Voltron Vehicle 1

Voltron Fleet of Doom  Witchs Night Out  Ziggys Gift  police academy

80s Animated Films

the american rabbit  Akira  all dogs go to heaven  an american tail

the black cauldron  Brave Little Toaster  the legend of bravestarr  care bears

care bears ii  castle in the sky  chipmunk adventure  fire and ice

flight of Dragons  fox and the hound  Great Mouse Detective  Heavy Metal

the hobbit  here come the littles  kikis delivery service  Last Unicorn

the land before time  the lord of the rings  little mermaid   little nemo adventures in slumberland

my little pony the movie   my neighbor totoro  naussica  oliver and company

the plague dogs  rainbow brite and the star stealer  return of the king  rock and rule

Secret of Nimh  starchaser the legend of orin  who framed roger rabbit  Transformers-Movie